Blaming My Racket and Buying Fair Trade

When I was learning to play tennis as a young teenager, I used what most of us did back then, an aluminum racket. These were quite a bit heavier than the various ones you can get rather inexpensively today, like the graphite rackets I bought for our girls. I play with a much better material these days when I do get out to the courts, one I couldn’t have been trusted with in my early days.


Ignoring Insults and Pretending to Be Rich

When I was a kid my older brothers unrelentingly teased me. Today I don’t remember what they teased me about. I was a pretty normal kid. Maybe a little wimpy, but I couldn’t say I made a natural target for teasing, except that I was the youngest. I would retaliate by tattling about anything and everything. When I would complain about my brothers’ teasing, my mother’s reply was always the same, “Just ignore them.”


30 Pieces of Silver

During all of Jesus’ homilies on money and greed and God’s provision, two of his disciples received his words radically differently. One was a former tax collector, Matthew, who had enlisted with the Roman occupiers essentially to extort money from his fellow Jews. But he left his lucrative career to follow a homeless teacher. The other disciple was Judas Iscariot, whose occupation we know nothing about.

This & That

Money Map

I’m excited to begin teaching a new financial class this week. As you’re probably aware, I’ve been for quite a while a strong proponent of Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University. For some reason, however, interest in the class at my church has been minimal. We offered it two years ago and had a great response, but not much since. This lack of response led me to reevaluate FPU, and I discovered that I no longer wanted to facilitate it.