Tough Guys and Drama Queens

In nearly every aspect of life, I tend to be well-prepared and deliberate. A thinker, I am typically slow to react, though not quite at the snail’s pace I’ve found some church committees move. In music, I’m well-rehearsed. In writing posts here, I edit multiple times before clicking “publish.” Even my clothing selections for Sunday…

Girls Uncovered

I recently read a book I recommend for every parent of a teenage girl, or if your girls will soon become teenagers. A heads up: they all do eventually. The book is called Girls Uncovered. Now hear me out. It's subtitled: New Research on What America's Sexual Culture Does to Young Women.

Why Baseball Managers Don't Wear Sweater Vests

I love that my boys are interested in baseball. At three and almost two, they’ll turn anything into a bat. Cindy prefers to give them paper towel rolls, the cardboard part that will itself yield to whatever they might hit with it—instead of the opposite. Sure, they like to play with balls (ball may have been for both of them their fourth or fifth word), but they also like watching baseball too, something the women in my house are loathe to do. I was watching a game earlier this week and was reminded about a difficult aspect of parenting: discipline.

Selling grapefruit from our “grove” on George Street

Our backyard was mostly dead grass and dirt, unlike at our house on 18th Street, where my dad watered constantly. In the back were a couple fruit trees: an orange tree, which was mostly barren, and a grapefruit tree. None of us kids liked grapefruit, but my twin sister and I were convinced somebody did. We climbed up in that tree—well, Becky did, as I was fearful of even modest heights—and picked a bunch of grapefruit, loading them into my red, Radio Flyer wagon. I can’t remember how much we thought we could get for them ...

Making Change #5 – Simplifying

Standing there in his shop, I concluded that Edison may be entirely responsible for our hectic pace of life more than a century later. That we can work all hours into the night, instead of retiring to bed with the setting of the sun, is largely due to artificial light. I write this in a dimly-lit coffee house staring at a back-lit LCD screen. Even the keys on my notebook computer are softly lit. ... In this post I’ll focus on simplifying and embracing rest, and in my next post I’ll offer some tips for tackling your to-do list.