Dad's Go-To Remedy

Someday I might buy a motorcycle. Not now, but maybe when our kids are grown and don't need me as much. And when Cindy has endured me enough for one lifetime. Yes, I secretly admire motorcycles. I've never been one who willingly seeks adventure, but a part of me imagines the thrill of an open freeway at 70 mph. (I likely wouldn't go much faster.) I haven't been on a bike, though, since that fateful day when I was 5.

If the women don’t find you handsome …

Before I'd turned sixteen my dad bought me a car. Now, I wasn't one of those rich kids whose parents spoiled me with a brand new car. No, no, this car was not a status symbol to cruise around the high school parking lot. It was merely a mode of transportation. At least, that was usually the idea—that it would get me from one place to the next. This didn't always work out.

Filthy Roman Sponge

I was listening to a sermon podcast a few months ago and made note of something not only eye-opening for the mind but the heart. There's so much we don't understand about Scripture because we don't know the context. Mark Driscoll points out something I'd never noticed, the vinegar sponge offered to Jesus.

Growing Pains

I've caught myself staring at Jacque this past week, contemplating how much more grown up she's appearing and how much more she's resembling Cindy. I've been mesmerized by her chocolate eyes and thinking soon a boy about her age will find himself lost in those same eyes. I'm not sure how I feel about this enlightenment, though hopefully because of our close relationship she's been developing standards set by me her father.

A Beautiful Mind

This week's post is quite practical and may not be up your alley at all, but hear me out. If you're reading me here on the Internet—where else would you be?—then you're taking in information; whether it's of value or not is up to you. What do we do with the information we absorb? Like a sponge we can become bloated both with what should be kept and what should be wrung out. How do we hold on to what's worth keeping? Here are some ideas.