Speak Easy

Our Micah is 17 months old and is learning baby sign language. As am I. One of his favorite signs is milk, which sort of looks like he’s squeezing milk out of an udder. It’s his favorite sign because he usually gets what he asks for from Cindy. He’s not too fond of the cow variety yet; he likes his milk fresh and familiar.


Gabriel absolutely loves ABC’s summer show Wipeout. If you’ve never seen it, check out the clip. He calls the show “Big Balls,” because the contestants are always trying to jump onto big, slippery rubber balls. Usually they land in the water below after jarring themselves against multiple barriers. We’re trying to limit how much he watches, because at three years old, he doesn’t understand that you could really get hurt doing those things. Surely, he’s intent on “trying this at home.” But then, I grew up watching Tom & Jerry, the cartoon about the dim-witted cat chasing the wily mouse (or was that a coyote?), where Tom always ended up fatally injuring himself only to cash in yet another of his nine lives and provide us impressionable kids with more zany adventures. (Was there a yellow bird involved too?)

Red Taillights Headed for … Babylon

I like to blame all my social dysfunctions on the three years I spent in private school. Fourth to sixth grade wasn't all that bad, though the transition to junior high from a school of 75 (K-12) was a difficult one. The aspect of private school I most look back on with aversion was that we were all separated.