The Prologue from the Book I'm Working On

Several months ago I set out shopping for a netbook. I’d wanted something light-weight to carry in my small backpack, specifically when commuting on my bicycle. The computer didn’t need to be powerful, since I already have one for work that’s plenty beefy, and weighs a ton, for the processor-heavy-demanding projects on my task list…

College, Conspiracy Theories and Bethlehem

I didn't attend a Christian university or a Bible college. I don't have a Masters of Theology or any kind of seminary training. I don't even have a Bachelor's degree. I completed about sixty credit hours at the community college in my hometown, and those classes were nearly all music related. After two years of the first five of a Bachelor's of Music, Lindsay happened along, and I halted my studies to work full-time as a secretary, lead a worship ministry, and take gigs whenever I could.

Aspiring to Become a Wordsmith

Something else I appreciate about reading e-books is the ease of looking up words in a dictionary. Before e-books, I would ignore words I didn't know and just try to understand from the context. But now I can simply tap on the word and discover why the author used a particular word. With some authors I'm constantly tapping the dictionary button.I think many writers, and just about all artists, struggle with feelings of inadequacy.

The Accidental Billionaires and others

In my Breathing In category of posts, I write about various art forms that not only interest me but sort of infuse with artistic fuel. Every artist needs to breathe in art, and not just their primary focus. I’m first and foremost a musician, but I appreciate most other arts—even dabble in them a bit.…