College, Conspiracy Theories and Bethlehem

I didn’t attend a Christian university or a Bible college. I don’t have a Masters of Theology or any kind of seminary training. I don’t even have a Bachelor’s degree. I completed about sixty credit hours at the community college in my hometown, and those classes were nearly all music related. After two years of the first five of a Bachelor’s of Music, Lindsay happened along, and I halted my studies to work full-time as a secretary, lead a worship ministry, and take gigs whenever I could.

Books & Writing

Aspiring to Become a Wordsmith

Something else I appreciate about reading e-books is the ease of looking up words in a dictionary. Before e-books, I would ignore words I didn’t know and just try to understand from the context. But now I can simply tap on the word and discover why the author used a particular word. With some authors I’m constantly tapping the dictionary button.I think many writers, and just about all artists, struggle with feelings of inadequacy.