Absurd and Blasphemous Claims

Two for one today in our look at the eighth chapter of John. It could have been three, but I'm skipping over the account of the woman caught in adultery. In this read of John's gospel, I'm intentionally looking at the stories I may have missed before, so I've purposed to skip over my favorites.... I wonder if you have ever been arguing with someone and your opponent says something so ridiculous, so outlandish, so blatantly false that you can only laugh at their logic. Such is an argument the Pharisees posed.

Sad Songs #7 – A Cold Dish Best Unserved

We instituted a policy with our girls, though we’re not always consistent with it, that whoever hits back will receive a harsher punishment than the original offender. She who retaliates will get a longer timeout. The words, “But she hit me first,” were all the confession we needed. (In this system I guess you’re better off striking first.) This is an attempt to help them see that our hearts, darkened as they are with sin, are bent towards revenge.