My Hang Up with "the Lord"

Recently, I began leading two different men’s groups I’m simply calling D Group 1 and D Group 2. The first includes four guys who are a bit older than I am, and the second includes a twenty-something and a teenager. We just started Francis Chan’s Multiply, a fantastic study on becoming and making disciples—which is…

A Cruel Harvest

Having grown up in a Pentecostal church that shunned formal liturgy, then spending my early adult years at a church where the pastor, a former Baptist, shied away from anything traditional, I didn't recite the Lord's Prayer much. Even now, I couldn't say it from memory. The first few times I heard it I remember…

I Might Just Be an Embezzler

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted a confession. I wrote several confession posts back at SWYW, but not lately. So here goes. I confess that I’m an embezzler. There, that feels good to get that load off my back. Now, of course, I’m not talking about an embezzler of money, as in a bookkeeper who…

Blaming My Racket and Buying Fair Trade

When I was learning to play tennis as a young teenager, I used what most of us did back then, an aluminum racket. These were quite a bit heavier than the various ones you can get rather inexpensively today, like the graphite rackets I bought for our girls. I play with a much better material these days when I do get out to the courts, one I couldn't have been trusted with in my early days.

The Friendship and the Fear

A repeated theme in Proverbs is the personification of wisdom, how she calls out inviting the simple into understanding. We live in the information age, yet for many, wisdom is elusive. With the Internet, there are boundless opportunities for learning, but there is also the proliferation of inaccuracy. Wisdom still calls.

Walking in the Dust of the Rabbi Jesus

A little over a decade or so ago I read a book that transformed my view of the Bible. The book was Philip Yancey's "The Bible Jesus Read." ... I read another book recently that may change as dramatically the way I read the New Testament, or at least the Gospels. Lois Tverberg's "Walking in the Dust of the Rabbi Jesus" helped to transport me to the time and culture of Jesus on earth.

Beating Peter in a Footrace

I have a hard time watching baseball teams like the Yankees and Red Sox, not just because they are evil AL East empires with vast (and unfair) payrolls, but because I never know who the players are, since they don't imprint players' names on the backs of their jerseys. In reading John's gospel you'll discover that he never mentions himself by name.

No king, no king, la la la

I spent most of my high school years not following Jesus. Not until my senior year did I go back to church, but even then I easily compartmentalized that aspect of my young life. Therefore, I was never really forced to acknowledge that I could possibly be -- or at least be becoming -- a Jesus freak, as D.C. Talk would put it.