Woodblocks and S'mores

I can’t build a fire for anything. We had a fireplace at our old house, and I could get a fire going but not the kind that could actually warm you up. It was more for mood than heat. Plus, I had to constantly tend to it. I couldn’t sit back and enjoy it. Or even run to the kitchen for anything. There I sat with poker and tongs in hand and stacks of newspaper at my side, aware that my efforts were futile, like the man with the dog in Jack London’s “To Build a Fire.”

Devil May Care

I don’t like lids on coffee cups. For one thing, they can be faulty, like the one Kramer had when he spilled a hot latte on himself in a movie theater. There’s really nothing that can provide the security you’re looking for in a coffee cup lid anyhow. I do, however, have a travel mug I received as a gift a few years ago. It looks like you could run it over with a backhoe and your coffee would still be nice and secure and hot. There are two things I don’t like about coffee cup lids. First, that initial sip is a tricky one. It’s hard to assess the temperature, so I often find my first attempts involve simply inhaling the fumes. Fumes? Is that right? I hated chemistry.

Render to Caesar

If Jesus were to say it was unlawful to pay Roman taxes, He assuredly would have drawn the ire of the Romans, who really had nothing against Him. In allowing for taxes, Jesus would have angered the Jews who were looking for a financial savior.

Financial Peace?

So, I've been mulling over a couple things since we began our first session of Financial Peace University here at ECoB. In the first lesson, Dave Ramsey talks about the importance of savings, a rather countercultural notion, for the purpose of preparing for emergencies. Indeed, his first "baby step" is having $1,000 in the bank.…