The Nativity (Part 4): 5, 10 Minutes

You’ve probably figured out by now that I’m a huge fan of Seinfeld. One of the funniest episodes is from an earlier season when Jerry, George, and Elaine spend the entire show waiting for a table at a Chinese restaurant. As their wait drags on, they keep asking the host how long until they’ll be seated. “Oh, five, ten minutes” is his reply every time.

In the Vault

I realized a short time ago that my all-time favorite TV show is now more than a decade old. During its run in the '90s, Seinfeld enjoyed a cult following that still exists today. A "show about nothing," Seinfeld was among the first sitcoms to move away from neatly packed plot, offering instead interesting supporting characters, great acting (Jerry Seinfeld not withstanding), and superb writing. Scriptwriters invented catchphrases that many still remember today.

A Beautiful Mind

This week's post is quite practical and may not be up your alley at all, but hear me out. If you're reading me here on the Internet—where else would you be?—then you're taking in information; whether it's of value or not is up to you. What do we do with the information we absorb? Like a sponge we can become bloated both with what should be kept and what should be wrung out. How do we hold on to what's worth keeping? Here are some ideas.