Summer-izing Church Culture

Over the years, I’ve developed a mild disdain for formality in church. Whether it’s stodgy prayer or rigid liturgy. Every church I’ve been at I’ve tried to push my casual approach. The way I dress. The way I design our worship services. The way we interact with our congregation. You’d be surprised, but not everyone appreciates my resolve to alter church culture. To be honest, I’ve simply written off these objections. But I’ve come to realize I shouldn’t.

Realizing I’m Not the Main Character

I don’t see it much in movies anymore, but whenever there was a chase scene that usually began on foot, eventually one of the cops would stop a motorist and demand to use their car. Some sort of law, perhaps eminent domain, permitted them to simply take their vehicle for police use. Of course, there was never any time for forms and signatures and “just compensation,” and since the drivers would be listed toward the bottom of the credits (if at all), we’d never know what happened to them. That I even think about the drivers exposes a slight neurosis.