Summer-izing Church Culture

Over the years, I’ve developed a mild disdain for formality in church. Whether it’s stodgy prayer or rigid liturgy. Every church I’ve been at I’ve tried to push my casual approach. The way I dress. The way I design our worship services. The way we interact with our congregation. You’d be surprised, but not everyone appreciates my resolve to alter church culture. To be honest, I’ve simply written off these objections. But I’ve come to realize I shouldn’t.

You're Invited

In my 14 years or so of church ministry, my least favorite responsibility has been overseeing finances and budgets. Though I like working with numbers and reconciling accounts, it’s complicated leading a team that must make recommendations regarding cuts, since there is so much need and not enough money. ... For a while I served as an elder, and we discussed at length and on many occasions the difference (if any) between a couple budget line items ...

More Real Life in Punxutawney

Phil Connors essentially received a mulligan for every encounter. Could you imagine having the ability to undo a mistake? Cruel words could really be un-said. Receiving someone’s forgiveness means they’ve really forgotten about it—because it never actually happened. Or you could take risks, knowing you always had another shot. Like when I was a kid in junior high and never said the funny thing out loud that some other kid ended up saying, even if I’d thought of it first and would have delivered it better.