Girls Uncovered

I recently read a book I recommend for every parent of a teenage girl, or if your girls will soon become teenagers. A heads up: they all do eventually. The book is called Girls Uncovered. Now hear me out. It's subtitled: New Research on What America's Sexual Culture Does to Young Women.

Sexier Sex?

I was standing in line at a grocery store recently and saw a magazine teaser on a usually pretty safe periodical. This on the cover of Prevention magazine: Sexier Sex - When and How You Want It.

That little girl in the Subaru commercial

It gets me every time. That Subaru commercial with the little girl in the driver’s seat, her father anxiously offering last-minute safety reminders. I’m certain it melts the heart of every father to a daughter. They grow up far too fast. Greg Wright realized this and so crafted a renewed, purposeful approach to fatherhood, which he outlines in "Daddy Dates: Four Daughters, One Clueless Dad, and His Quest to Win Their Hearts."

Free at Last

Today we remember Martin Luther King Jr. and the work God accomplished through him to secure equal freedoms for our fellow American brothers and sisters. He certainly was not a flawless man, but he spoke passionately about a dream that I believe God placed in his heart. Emboldened by the power of God’s Spirit, he stood strong in the face of adversity. I also consider MLK’s namesake, another Martin Luther, who stood up against the commanding Roman Catholic Church, which had, in a way, spiritually enslaved its members. Whether religious, political, or physical, oppression riles the anger of God like nothing else.