There’s Still Bubbles

Micah and I were in a public restroom a couple weeks ago. I was trying to help him wash his hands, which proved to be difficult due to the height of the sink -- we use a stool at home -- and the faucet was one of those push-on varieties, the kind that you have to press every couple of seconds. I had to keep telling him that, no, we weren't done yet: "I still see bubbles. Let's get all the bubbles off."

Money Map

I'm excited to begin teaching a new financial class this week. As you're probably aware, I've been for quite a while a strong proponent of Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University. For some reason, however, interest in the class at my church has been minimal. We offered it two years ago and had a great response, but not much since. This lack of response led me to reevaluate FPU, and I discovered that I no longer wanted to facilitate it.

Working Myself Out of a Job

One of the first pastors I worked with, one who took more arrows for me than I knew at the time (not the fiery kind Satan uses but the ones church people are as skilled at aiming as Robin Hood), always used to say that we should be working ourselves out of our jobs. That ministry belongs not just to pastors but to everyone who follows Jesus. ... Well, I have another prospect, which could lead to working myself out of my current job.