Serving Suggested: Thoughts on Dessert Cereal

In her book on writing, Anne Lamott recommends for all rookie writers to begin with childhood, specifically what school lunch was like. Write everything you can remember, she says, about school lunch. What you ate, what others ate, what you and they traded for. Everything. I suppose, as she recommends, I could begin here, and…

What’s in My Man Bag

I've taken to carrying what I call a man bag. Like Seinfeld's "European carry-all," I carry just about anything I need in it. Sounds like a purse? Well, you'd be mistaken, my friend. This is no purse. It's simply a downsized version of the computer backpack I used to lug around.

Highest single tally on Words With Friends

I may have mentioned before that I love playing Words With Friends. I've always liked Scrabble. I remember once when Cindy and I were playing with my twin sister and Cindy's two sisters -- I think they were both there. My mother may have also been playing with us too. Team play. I just remember Becky (my sister) getting frustrated and tossing the board, tiles flying every which way. Good times.


A couple weeks ago I took an eraser to my hard drive and wiped it clean. It’s good to do this every 18-24 months. I wasn’t having problems with my laptop; I just knew it could be running better. ... As I drove to the computer repair shop, I became anxious. Had I gotten everything? Did I miss something? Is there some important folder I’m forgetting about? All my music? All my videos? All my documents I’ve been saving from ten years ago?

Randy Johnson's Perfect Game on Tape

What a week to be a fan of baseball. ... There have been some great games in the opening round of this year's postseason. Three of the four match-ups will be decided in five of the possible five games. My team, the Arizona Diamondbacks, looked expectedly pitiful in their first two games in Milwaukee, only to outslug the Brewers in their games at home.

What to do when your iPhone shatters

Last week I wrote about some lessons I took from The Hunger Games. It’s interesting how we often ignore what hits close to home, like when listening to a sermon or when reading Scripture or even my own blog post. ... Initially, I’d written, “We litter the landscape with yesterday’s gadgets …” but decided not to go in that direction.

Renaissance Man or Jack of All Trades? – Part 2

See, I have a couple story ideas. Basic plotlines and characters for two different novels. However, I’ve not dabbled in fiction in quite a long time. Really, not since high school English class. The same could be said of composing. I was prolific in high school. I’d sit in class and write lyrics, which I’d set to music later at home. Now, none of it was any good, but at least I was exercising that creative muscle.

Does this smell bad to you?

We probably could have used more adequate ventilation up there, because it always smelled like Doritos and farts, which one of us constantly tried to combat with his potent vanilla candles. It was a lot like a dorm room, really. Although, we could have used a mini-fridge. And maybe a couch. We had a lot of fun. But it was sometimes a difficult working environment, since we were constantly interrupting each other. ... What would you want to update automatically?