Renaissance Man or Jack of All Trades? – Part 1

It’s said that Mozart at an early age—not sure when but later than five, when he started composing—had to choose on which instrument he would focus his efforts, violin or piano. Perhaps because he was more of a perfectionist than I am, he decided on one instrument, whereas lately I’ve preferred guitar, even the electric over acoustic.

Forever 21

I was at a mall recently. I don’t usually like going to malls, unless they have bookstores. Aside from books and cell phone kiosks, most malls merely comprise boutique after endless boutique of whatever kind of fig leaves you could possibly want. One store I noticed in particular was Forever 21. ... Would I want to be 21 again? Is that when I’d like for time to have stopped?


While I am not inclined to bare my soul, I suspect that in the end, if I can save someone the regret I feel now, it is worth sharing this. ... To be sure, I understand that would not necessarily mean spending every day with Uncle Dave, but it should look more like love…calling to say hi or to check on him, inviting him over for dinner, and maybe going to a ballgame with him.

Turning Back Time

I’m not sure how much ten steps was. Ten hours? Maybe ten minutes? Whatever the case, God did what only Superman seemed capable of. He stopped the globe spinning, turned it back several degrees, and set it in motion again. This is the stuff of science fiction. This is what Doc Brown tinkered with that nearly got him killed by terrorists. This is what Cher pined for.

Making Change #5 – Simplifying

Standing there in his shop, I concluded that Edison may be entirely responsible for our hectic pace of life more than a century later. That we can work all hours into the night, instead of retiring to bed with the setting of the sun, is largely due to artificial light. I write this in a dimly-lit coffee house staring at a back-lit LCD screen. Even the keys on my notebook computer are softly lit. ... In this post I’ll focus on simplifying and embracing rest, and in my next post I’ll offer some tips for tackling your to-do list.

The Nativity (Part 3): The Second Vision

Probably the most difficult thing about understanding prophecy (and thus reading the book of Revelation) is confusion about time. What is past tense, present, future? God exists outside of time, something that’s difficult for us to grasp, because we are enslaved to the clock. Therefore, visions into the spirit realm are fuzzy and difficult to nail down specific time spans. It’s like dreaming while you sleep. How long does a dream usually last?