My Three Dads

The focus at our Lent chapel gathering this week was on healing, particularly how we as followers of Jesus can help bring healing to victims living in a broken world. Not wholly innocent victims, mind you. Certainly there are those who've been victimized by others' sin -- we usually refer to this as injustice. But every…

Thinking maybe, possibly … Utah

It's ironic that we would dream of moving out of the country when for the past decade or so we've pondered little else than moving back closer to family in Arizona. ... Lately we've been thinking more pragmatically about a move, though the least pragmatic reasoning involves a contest we entered online daily for more than a month.

Fall Sweeps

I don't usually write about TV shows, since half the year my viewing centers on baseball. But this is fall and there are some good new shows we're watching and some not so good old ones. Cindy and I tend to like shows that get canceled, like last year's "Outsourced," and we usually shun the top raters. Here's what Cindy and I have been watching this fall.

The Onion: Take the Good, Leave the Bad

When you’re used to reading fake news, sometimes you forget what’s real. I discovered The Onion, America’s Finest News Source, awhile back. Because the iPad app looks similar to other news apps, it’s easy to confuse real news with made-up news. The Onion is sort of like “Weekend Update” on SNL, which I haven’t seen in a long time.

An Old Man in the Booth

Not much of a player in his nine years in the Bigs, Papa Garagiola found a home in the broadcast booth, where his warm, folksy demeanor these days makes you feel like your grandpa is sitting next to you, calling the game. Except unlike my grandfather, Garagiola shares first-hand stories of old timers like Yogi Berra and Stan Musial.

Why I’m irritated at the D-backs’ success

Well, my formerly hapless D-backs are hanging in there. Eight games above .500 and just four games behind the NL West leading Giants, winners of last year’s World Series. It’s fun watching budding sluggers Justin Upton, Chris Young, and Miguel Montero, and young dart throwers Ian Kennedy and Daniel Hudson all come into their own, guided by manager and former Fall Classic hero Kirk Gibson. But I have to say, I’m a little irritated that I’ll be losing more of my blow money.

Stuff Boys Say in a Locker Room

A few weeks ago I was in the locker room at the YMCA psyching myself up for an intense workout and listening to several preteen boys showing off. One boy kept saying, “What the fhhhhhh?!!” but never completed the word, apparently not yet audacious enough to cuss in a locker room. Oh, but junior high is coming; he’ll soon muster up the courage like Ralphie in The Christmas Story when he beat up Farkus.

I Need a Football Team

I've seen only a handful of NFL games this year and hardly any college games. Cindy loathes football. The crowd noise alone irritates her. For the most part our girls aren't too fond of football either. So I'm waiting for our boys to get a little older, when we can overtake the remote.