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How Spin Class Is Like a Worship Service Part 2

I’m just jumping right back in with no recap from the last post, so you may want to check out Part 1. The Bike/Seat Depending on the popularity of the coach, as well as the time the class is offered, it may be necessary to get to class early to get a bike. I always… Continue reading How Spin Class Is Like a Worship Service Part 2


Worship Influences #6 – Vineyard

In the fall of 2000, Cindy and I packed up for a weekend and flew to Toledo for an interview with a church regarding their worship position. There were various interviews and interactions with church members — a well put-together weekend by their executive pastor. Some of these Cindy were involved in, though because we had Jacque (at nine months) with us, she was quite busy herself.


Worship Influences #4 – Tommy Walker

The first three posts in this Worship Influences series involved keyboard-driven worship. Today’s look involves a guitarist, though Tommy Walker plays far beyond the ubiquitous open G songs that would dominate the worship landscape in the first part of this century. I first saw Tommy Walker sometime in the mid-’90s when he led with the multi-ethnic Promise Keepers band, as he sported a headset mic not unlike Michael Jackson’s and Madonna’s.